Nude Food

Nude Food

I think that everyone should have nude food because it will help the environment.

   If no one has nude food then the entire world will be full of litter.

The world should be full of happy and healthy people but if people litter and don’t have nude food then the plants won’t grow properly and we can’t grow up healthy.

Parents want their children to be healthy and I think nude food is the best way for kids to be happy and healthy.

 The nude food project tries to help the environment, animals, and children.

If you want to help the environment choose Nude Food.

 You can save the world from litter by picking up one piece of rubbish.

Litter on the beach can kill the tiniest creatures which can kill every marine mammal in the ocean. If you buy canned fish look for the MSC sign and you can save the ocean!

Thanks for reading my post and please join me on the quest to save the environment!

BYE EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!

My Favourite And Least Favourite Place At School

My Favourite And Least Favourite Place At School!

My favourite place at school is the netball courts. I like the netball courts because:

1. I play netball.

2. I like shooting goals in the netball ring.

3. My favourite sport is netball.

My least favourite place is in the sick bay because:

1. No-one likes being sick.

2. You miss out on your play.

3. You don’t get to see your friends for a while.

Netball Chant:

Turn up the radio what do you hear tigers! tigers! Give us a cheer we’re gonna beat them bust them that’s our custom GOOOOO TIGERS!

Book Week

Book Week!

For book week I was dressed up as Juliet from Juliet Nearly A Vet. Juliet is ten years old Juliet is always on the lookout for injured, sick or lost animals.  Juliet’s mum is a vet. In Juliet Nearly A Vet Cat Show Queen, they look after and get cats ready for the show. Book week was on Friday the twenty-fith of August two-thousand and seven-teen. It was  lots of fun. I had a great book week. Thanks for reading! By Leila.

My Bucket List

My Bucket List!

1. I would like to become a teacher so I can help kids to learn.

2. I would love a loving family that cares for everyone.

3.I am going to be an author.

4. in my spare time look after animals.

5. I will bake for my family and help out around the house.

6. I would like to get lots of pets.

7. I want to research animals.

8. I want to try and help nature.

Bad Guys!

Bad Guys!

Hi, my name is Leila. I like the Bad Guys series. I heard my friends talking about it so I decided to read it myself. In 2017, in the school library, guess what I found THE BAD GUYS! I was so exited to read it! SPOILER ALERT!!!!!

In the Bad Guys there is a wolf that is tired of being the guy (EVEN though he occasionly likes to dress up as an old lady). He gathered up his friends and started the good guys club where they tried to do good. They set 10, 000 chickens free, set 200 puppies free, stopped zittens (zombie kittens), stopped zonies, zuppies, zunnies and yes, more zombie kittens!

In episode 5 intergalactic gas, they fly to the moon and shut down the cute zilla ray. they are officially heroes. They saved the world and everyone knew about it!

My Friend Interview

My Friend Interview

I’m interviewing my friend Charlie.

Q 1: what is your favourite indoor activity?

A 1: origami.

Q 2: What are your top 3  favourite sports?

A 2: tennis, taekwondo and swimming.

Q 3: what is your favourite colour?

 A 3: Green.

Q 4: What is your favourite subject? and why?

A 4: Art because I like to draw.

 Q 5: What are your top 3 favourite movies? 

A 5: Super Dog, Bee Movie and Robots.

Q 5: Who is your favourite character? (it can be from anything :).)

A 5:Merin

Q 6: If you could be a character in a movie who would you be and in which movie?

A 6:I would be Barry from the Bee Movie

Q 7:What is your favourite football team? And who are your top three players from that team?

A 7:My favourite team is Crows and my favourite  players are Eddie Betts, Roary Slone, and Tex Walker.

 Q 8: What is your favourite subject

A 8: Maths.

Q 9: What is your favourite animal?

A 9: HEDGE HOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(They are so cute!!!)



5 focus words

5 focus words

This year our focus words are excellence, love, respect, gratitude and justice.



Excellence means trying your hardest, doing good and being the best person  you can be.


Love means being kind to people, doing good to others without expecting anything in return and showing respect.


Respect means looking and listening when someone is talking to you and treating others well.


Gratitude means being thankful for what you have and not being greedy.


Justice means looking after people, being fair, treating people kindly, respectfully and being honest.